SoftWash™ House Washing

Your technician will use our SoftWash™ technique to safely and properly wash away unsightly environmental buildup from your home’s exterior hard surfaces. Our house washing method utilizes moderated water pressure, an industry-refined practice. We help protect your property’s finishes and are mindful of water consumption.

When having your home washed, it’s important to prevent excess moisture intrusion or other potentially expensive damage to your home's delicate exterior surfaces. Hiring residential cleaning professionals who specialize in precise house washing methods can help keep your home free of damage. Choosing an experienced residential pressure washing professional also helps ensure that no harsh chemicals are being used unnecessarily.

IPWS uses surface-specific detergents which are only applied as necessary. We use biodegradable chemicals compliant with EPA regulations. Our standard SoftWash™ soaps are people, pet, plant and planet friendly. Whether you’re looking to prepare a home for sale or lease, or if you simply want to enjoy home ownership to its fullest,  SoftWash™ by IPWS provides instant curb appeal.

Driveway Cleaning

Our driveway cleaning services aim to dramatically target the heavy traffic areas on your concrete surfaces. Nothing compliments a house wash as well as hiring a professional driveway cleaning service to remove those unsightly stains. Our qualified technicians bring their experience, proper tools and professionalism to every job, with attention to detail.

Exterior Surface Cleaning

Specializing in residential pressure washing services, we expertly clean your property's exterior hard surfaces. Getting your outdoor living areas bright and sparkling is what we do best. From a light rinse in just a few areas, to deep cleaning all of your heavy traffic areas, you've come to the right place. IPWS isn't just a pressure wash service - we're your residential exterior cleaning specialist.

Pressure Washing

We Wash:

Houses • Driveways • Entryways • Walkways • Sidewalks • Patios • Garage floors • Gazebos • Awnings • Decks • Pool decks • Pavers •  Natural stone • Concrete • Parking areas • Walls • Fences • Block •  Brick • Stucco • & More

We Target:

Dirt • Stains •  Automotive fluids • Tire marks • Rust •  Hard water stains • Chewing gum • Grease • Road tar • Barbeque drips • Paint • Construction debris • Graffiti • Environmental debris • Animal waste residue • & More

Garage Floor Cleaning

Heavily stained garage floors are no challenge for IPWS. Whether your garage flooring surface is soiled with automotive fluds, paint, grease, tire marks, hard water stains, rust, battery acid, or everyday dirt and debris, we've got you covered. Whatever mess is coating your garage floor, rest easy knowing you've found IPWS. We have the experience to clean garage floor surfaces and restore pride of ownership.

Stone & Paver Cleaning

Natural stone and paver cleaning has never been easier. IPWS has the necessary experience, knowledge, tools and skillset to tackle just about every type of hard surface cleaning job that comes our way. Our careful and exacting approach to cleaning delicate natural stonework and a variety of paver materials speaks for itself because our repeat clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, care and a manicured image.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Sidewalks can take a beating over time, and all that traffic often leaves the walkway in front of your home looking dull, drab, dirty and dingy, giving your home a less-than-ideal first impression. Our sidewalk cleaning process involves the use of commercial concrete cleaners and the application of appropriate chemical solutions to get your job done responsibly and correctly. IPWS has the knowledge to dramatically improve most sidewalk stains, from gum removal, to paint removal and everyday maintenance.